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What is a Housing Cooperative?


Because we own our own houses, we choose what we pay for rent each month. Co-ops are at-cost because your charges are based on what you and the other members decide we all pay. Costs are therefore much lower than other off-campus options because there is no landlord making a profit. The money you put into the SHC is contributed to the betterment of everyone in the co-ops.


Living in a cooperative is also different from other housing options because of the wide variety of people you will have the opportunity to meet both within your own house and within the co-op system at large. The bonds you build with your fellow co-opers are often the most meaningful because of the shared sense of responsibility and community that forms in cooperative houses.


Every member of the house has a say in how its run. House meetings open up a forum for member concerns and inquiry. Whether it's a proposal to have a party, decisions about chores, or a new meal plan, the house makes the rules. You can also choose to get involved at an organizational level to help make decisions about how the co-ops are run overall.


All information taken from the SHC's informational page